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97 chevy half ton pickup,crankshaft position sensor has been

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97 chevy half ton pickup,crankshaft position sensor has been rubbing against the crank.truck will run for awhile and shuts off.Sometimes it starts back,sometimes it has to sit for awhile then starts up.



I see your statement, but is there a particular question that you have about this issue?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the question is,why is my sensor rubbing and is this why it won't stay running.Everything else dealing starting has been replaced

Sorry for the delay, seems the website was having an issue.


What engine do you have and on what vehicle?


Did you remove the sensor to verify it was touching?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
THE engine is 305 on a1/2 ton pickup,XXXXX97 chevy and the sensor was removed



Your issue can easily be caused by this, I would actually say that I am 99% sure that this is why you are having your stalling/no start issue.


If the sensors is the correct one that should be in your truck, then what is contacting the sensor is actually the reluctor ring, which is attached to the crankshaft. Either the ring has warped or is coming apart and/or the woodrift pin has come loose. The ring is located behind the front cover and will have to be pulled off in order to check it.

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Thank You!

As well, make sure you replace the sensor while doing the other repair.