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Amajorexteriorfuelleakonmy2001 duramax..crankcase..warranty..interior

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I am experiencing a major exterior fuel leak on my 2001 duramax GMC. I am aware of the fuel leaking into crankcase problem but my dealer is telling me that my leak is completely different. He also says my leak has nothing to do with the extended 200,000 7 year warranty because that is an interior and my problem is exterior. Are others having problems with fuel rail leaks or exterior leaks? Can you tell me if exterior leaks are an ongoing issue with 2001 durmax deisels? I have ONLY 117,000 miles.

My dealer offered no info on any leak problems I had to find all info on-line

Welcome. Where is the fuel leaking at? Where does it come out of? Dripping? Please include as much detail as possible.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
well I noticed it on my frame rail under drivers door. but to look on top of engine no fuel can be see not sure if it is leaking into engine and what I am seeing if fuel and oil mixture or just fuel

The return lines from each injector are under the valve cover. If these are leaking, you will not see it, but you will get fuel in the oil, and once the crankcase gets full, it starts blowing out the overflow.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Where is the overflow located? is this part of the problem that GM has extended to 7 years and 200,000 miles on the duramax engines because fuel is entering the crankcase? If these lines are leaking in the return lines should'nt this be covered in the recall? Should I have my oil tested to see if fuel has entered my crankcase?
No, there is no overflow. How this system works is the injectors are inside the crank case. The high pressure lines are the ones you see entering the crank case. The, there is a line that runs along the injectors under the valve cover that attaches to the return fuel side, then attaches to the head and routes the return fuel out to the lines that send it back to the tank. If there is an issue with the fuel return line then you will get fuel into the crankcase. The policy covers the injectors when they fail, but what the shop does not know won't hurt them so take your truck and tell them the oil is overfull and it smells like fuel. HERE is a copy of the bulletin.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I talked to them about ths already. I had a oil change scheduled and when I arrived I talked to them about the oil I noticed on my frame rail. They said they didnt know where the fuel leak was located. They couldn't pin point it without taking stuff off the engine. They told me it would cost 1 to 2 thousand dollars to take the top of the engine apart to locate the fuel leak. They said the leak was on the outside of the engine not the inside and they would have to take all the components off the top of the engine to locate the fuel leak. Then I looked online and seen this was an ongoing problem with the Duramax engines. I think I am being lied to because they do not want to open the recall bag because it would cost them money. If I have the oil tested to see if fuel is in it will that help me convince them the oil leak is enterior. I see no oil by the oil fill tube or the dip stick. Would those be the only two places oil could leak???

If there is fuel in the oil, that is enough to change the injectors. The policy covers it an honestly, if I see fuel in the oil, I need not diagnose any more. The first round of injectors were bad for this. THe oil overflow is on the front passengers side of the engine. Also, they can see if there is fuel in the oil. Place a drop of warm oil on a clean white paper towel. Watch the pattern, if there is a clear ring that quickly forms, that is fuel.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I unfornately just thru all my service receipts away a month ago when I cleaned out my truck one day. I have 7 years worth in my center counsel and was tired of not being abole to ever find anything in there. BIG MISTAKE I KNOW... One had a note about a fuel leak concern I had before my 7 years was up. They told me at that time that there was no leak. That was about two months before I passed the 7 years on the recall. I have a 01 I bought in July 01. Now I am passed the 7 year extension. Should the dealer have a copy of my service receipts? If they do how do I go about asking for my copies? If I can't get copies of my service receipts does it sound like I am screwed?
The dealer should have a copy on file if they use computers.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
are they obligated to show them to me if I ask for them?

That is up to them. If you are a good customer to them, they probably will.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If I do have a leak in my fuel lines or injectors or anything else that is leaking fuel into the crankcase. Should the tech have noticed that my oil had fuel in it at the time of an oil change? Especially when I arrived for that oil change I pointed out the liquid on my frame rail?

NO, it is either injectors or lines. If the tech was not trainer, then he/she would not be looking for fuel in the oil. They would simply do their job and change the oil.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

last question for you... I thank you for all your info and for you speed in returing my answers. Great job! Very Helpful!!


If there is an leak on the outside of the engine as the dealersip is contending, shouldn't they be able to locate it before doing thousands of dollars of work? Shouldn't they be able to see an area where it is occuring?


Does it sound right that they content they can't see where it is leaking from but they are 100% positive that it is on the outside of the engine? I would think if they are trained in diesel engines that they would be able to locate the area of the leak with a flashlight and a mirror if necessary and be able to get some type of idea of what is leaking. all I am being told is that they have no clue until they do thousands of dollars of work just to locate the leak? Dosen't seem right to me.

If the leak is external, they sound be able to narrow it down to a specific are rather than go to the extremes that you have indicated.
If they want to spend that much money to find it, I would find another shop. It sounds like they are slow and fishing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

very last question I promise you. Would another GMC dealership be willing to do this recall work? Won't the dealer lose money on fixing this recall fuel leak problems? Isnt that why this dealer is giving me the run aroung because it is going to cost them money? Again that was my last question, you have been so very helpfull I plan to leave you 100 positive feedback.

Thank you sir

If you are past the mileage or date, then no. This is not a recall, rather it is a special policy that covers the injectors for an extended period of time.

The dealers are not out money as GM pays them for the recall work. The tech would rather dot he work on your dollar as the time is better. WE don't do well on the warranty times as they are much less that the actual time.

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