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I'm currently dealing with two hotels over in Germany and I'

Customer Question

I'm currently dealing with two hotels over in Germany and I'm curious if there is way of getting around/out of paying the some of the cancellation fees? When my company credit card was charged from one of the hotels, it took some investigating to figure out that I had completely forgotten about making 8 room reservations. At fist I was going to cancel all 8 room but ended up keeping 7 of the 8 rooms. With the 7 rooms that I kept, I had to make adjustments to arrival and departure dates, the want to charge a 90% penalty for reducing the stay from a total of 5 nights for all 8 rooms to changing 5 of the rooms to a total of 4 nights and 2 of the rooms to a total of 3 nights, they also want to charge a 90% cancellation for the one room out of the 8 that I will not be using. At the other hotel I'm cancelling 6 of the 10 rooms in which they want to charge a 90% penalty. The 4 reservations I'm keeping at this other hotel are the 4 rooms that have the longest stay. The other piece of information with this other hotels is the credit card I used to make the reservations has since been cancelled do to fraudulent activity. I'm wondering since I need to give them a credit card authorization for the the 4 rooms, can I just state that authorization is only for those 4 rooms? What if I don't authorize use of that credit card for the penalties they want to charge, is that an option?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: German Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can I get a status updated please?
Should I continue to wait for an answer?
I currently have guests staying at both hotels mentioned in the message I sent on 7/31.
Expert:  Thegonnec replied 2 years ago.
What you suggest is an option if... you do not really plan on visiting Germany or Schengen Treaty countries any time soon...Unless the cancellation fees they want to charge were not listed in their (or the websites's) cancellation policy, you legally owe them these fees. If you refuse to pay what you owe, it is likely that they will initiate a judicial claim. Which you are likely to lose, and the result of which may mean a very unpleasant experience when crossing the border into Europe. Even if you do face a prison sentence, you may lose quite a lot of time in the holding cells of an airport border police station while the matter is sorted out, a lawyer is summoned to assiste you...

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