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My name is***** am an American

Customer Question

Hello My name is***** am an American citizen living in Deutschland for about 9 years now. I was just recently separated with my wife who I believe has Narcissistic personality disorder. We have been married since 2008, but we haven't really been together since 2009. We go in and out of this marriage mainly due to her lies and broken promises. We have 2 children together and one not of my blood before the marriage, but i am his papa. Our latest child was born last month in April 2015. 10 Days after her birth i get kicked out of the house after her father attacks me the night before. Also i failed to mention that she still lives with her mother and father. I was treated unfair and indecent living with these people. While living with them i was not registered as a resident in their household so she can still receive child support. I was living with her and still getting charged child support. This happened about 6 time since 2009. I tried telling the Jungendsamt, but either they don't believe me or she goes to them once again and tells a great story to convince them I am liar. I've had enough of this mental, personal, and physical abuse. I love my children very much and i lost love for my wife a long time ago. I keep returning to her after so many times we break up because i hope for the best and i want to give my children what i never had, a daddy. My question stands, can i proceed with not just a normal divorce, but is it possible to advance with an annulment? Also i would like to try and get full custody of my babbie's. I know this may be difficult, but i believe this is for the best interest of our children. She has proven to not be mentally fit and she shows no self discipline. I have much more to explain, but I am in desperate need of a lawyer.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: German Law

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