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If I have a job offer from my company to transfer from Argentina

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If I have a job offer from my company to transfer from Argentina to Germany, but I do not hold a degree, will a work permit be issued to me ?



a work permit can be issued, but on full discretion of the alien authority and the labor authority.

A university degree would make things a lot easier. Thus, you will have to present best evidence of your work experience and calculate more time until a permit will be issued.


Si prefiere comunicar en castellano no sería problema.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I ask you, do you recommend I get legal counseling to request my visa ? What is accepted as work experience evidence ? And last, I read somewhere that IT (as a field) and having a salary above 67K Euro would make things easier for me, is that true ?


Regards !

Actually as far as I know the necessary salary for the so called "Blue Card" is by far lower (below 40000 Euros for IT professionals).


It is important to apply for the visa from your country of residence via the German embassy.


Legal counseling would be necessary if you incur any problems.


However, the law at the moment requires a university degree.

The law provides a possibility to make an exception for people with 5 years of working experience by a decree (§ 19 I Nr. 1 b AufenthG).



However, the government hasn't used this option so far.


Thus, you will depend on good will of the labor authority and will have to go for a work permit via § 18 AufenthG.


Your company should state that the need your special skills regarding the company (see § 4 Nr. 1 BEschV).


This way, your company will not need to prove that they cannot get someone equally qualified from within Europe.




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