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I am a military Soldier. Why is a Soldiers income calculated

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I am a military Soldier. Why is a Soldier's income calculated before taxes for child or spousal support nor converted into euro from dollar and not based on disposable income (after taxes and loan obligations, car insurance, rent, electric bills, etc) ? It seems that Germany is in favor of making the father (in most cases unfortunately) homeless until he can barely survive while the ex-wife has his child and his money. If the care of the child was really important here then the custody should be to the father who is more able to provide for his child. Especially when there is no abuse or anything like that happening. It all changes when the father is no longer in the Country or the military, basically. There is nothing that can be done in my opinion.
Dear Customer,

for support income is always taken after taxes and minus insurances like health insurance and pension plan payments

Bills and rent are expenses everbody has so they do not count when calculating support

Loans and debts may count and they may not, depending on what kind of debt.

Debts for a car to drive to work with for example count why debts for luxury items don`t

In Germany 1000 Euro are the amount of money that must remain with you when paying child support, 1,100 Euro when paying wife support

This is the law I am sorry
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If you have to pay both, what remains


1000 Euro is what must remain, no matter what
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX you were my attorney. Because the calculations of my military pay has been before taxes, and life insurance. The only money that was subtracted was a car loan. Now I have two car loans and my pay is reduced because I am no longer entitled to a few things. I have submitted the paperwork that my entitlements have ended and my pay was to change but they have kept the calculations brought by my ex-wife's attorney. The dollar value is accepted as a euro value. I wish I could sew the court and all lawyers involved and get custody of my child.

Dear Customers

oh no, it it is just the other way round taxes and health insurance are ALWAYS deductable whereas a car loan might be a problem

You MUST insist that the support is calculated with your reduced income everything else would be totally WRONG

Only the support for the past can be calculated with the income of the past, support for the future MUST be calculated with the income that is to be expected in the future

Getting custody is tricky

As the fathers normally go to worl mothers stay at home and care for the children

So they have the advantage of forming closer bonds with the children and therefore have a big bonus

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