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I am a US Soldier living stationed in germany. Can they make

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I am a US Soldier stationed in Germany. Can they make me pay spousal support 1 year after my divorce was final? I am paying child support (roughly 450 dollars) at the German rate and they want me to pay 1,000 dollars extra for spousal support now. Those dollar amounts are based on a .76 exchange rate and the court does not care about the exchange rate and my pay is calculated before taxes. I really need assistance here, I had the judge laugh in my face in court when I asked him to set a fixed exchange rate for my child support. There was no property division, and a car we co-owned she sold. The legal office where I am stationed would not help me because she went to them first and even when moved 100 miles away.

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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a divorce lawyer

The most important question here is

How old is your child and if he or she is over three how is the care during the day ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My son is 6 years old, at the time when my divorce was final in November of 2011 he was 5. He is in the German kindergarten which ends at 1500. My ex-wife who works part time Monday through Thursday is the one who picks him up. She claims that there is no day care in the area she lives in and that because she takes college courses online that she can not work full time. The fact is that I am in the same college as her and I work more hours than her.

Dear Customer,

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So theoretically she could work until 2 pm

And ho many hours does she actually work ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

According to a statement from her employer, she works 20 hours a week, 5 hours per day.

Her pay advice for shows std.lohn 1 at 11,92 and std. lohn 2 at 11,92 . Durchschn.1 at 11,92 and AZK-std. at 9,72.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In addition, my military pay (LES) is no longer the same yet they used her lawyers calculations from my old pay (all before taxes are deducted). I had provided proof in May 2013 from the military finance office that my pay was to change in July 2013. It does not seem fair.

Dear Customer,

she is not obliged to work fulltime if the child is only six years old and cannot be put into daycare

Some kids need to be cared for personally by mother or father and cannot be put in daycare all day long

Child support or wife support is ALWAYS calculated from what you earn in the future

So of course they have to take the income that is to be expected in the future

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So if your income has changed and will remain so, support will have to be calculated from thelower income not from what you may have earned in the past
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


  • So basically they can make me pay spousal support almost two years after the divorce. As I understand the answer and when you say income in the future you mean they calculate my pay before taxes, and loan payments, etc. Also if they calculated my previous income (that was higher) as a means of determining how much she wants, then they are wrong and have to calculate my actual pay now. I say that because they never cared about what I made now, only what I have made in the past 12 months to calculate my income.

Dear Customer,

yes they can make you pay 2 years after the divorce because they could have made you pay right after the divorce as well

This is the legal reason there has to be a reason for paying supportright after the divorce and that was her caring for your child.

But if they have not demanded support until now they cannot demand it for the past only for the future.

They also have to calculate the support you have to pay right now with the income you earn right now and not with income you earned in the past

If the income changes then it is wrong to take the past 12 months and calculate from there

If I have helped I would very much appreciate getting credit by getting a positive feedback