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So I am not in the military but I am a US citizen and I am

Customer Question

So I am not in the military but I am a US citizen and I am hoping you can help me.
I was in Germany for 4 months learning the language, and while there had the great pleasure of being ticketed for DUI in Tubingen. I, originally, gave an address that was to be my address in Munich. (we were about to move) However, my wife and I were unable to remain in the country because visa restrictions on my job in Munich made it financially foolish. I spoke with the cop (which was difficult because of his accent and my intermediate german) and he allegedly changed my address to a friends place in Munich. BUT I've not heard anything further! Obviously this didn't just 'go away'. I am wondering: how the heck do I find this charge so I can pay it?!? As a US citizen w/o german license, from what Herr Klett (my cop) told me, all they can do is fine me and suspend my driving privileges in Germany. I know it can be paid online with a credit card. Any idea where?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: German Law
Expert:  legal eagle replied 4 years ago.
Dear Customer,

thank you so much for using Just Answer

May I ask

Have you got a case number ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Literally the cop took my drivers license, gave me his business card, and told me to call him a week later. I met with him, he gave me the opportunity to make a statement, and told me I would get something in the mail in the next month. Nothing ever came or if it did it went to the wrong address.

I can give you my drivers license number or my full name but otherwise I can't think of any identifying information that would be helpful.

Expert:  legal eagle replied 4 years ago.
Dear Customer,

as our conversation is not confidential I would recommend contacting me by mail

My address is

[email protected]

I need your full name , address, the date when the DUI happend and what is on the business card
Expert:  legal eagle replied 4 years ago.
Dear Customer,

if I have helped I would very much appreciate getting a positive feedback

Thank you so much, your business is greatly appreciated
Expert:  legal eagle replied 4 years ago.
Dear Customer,

may I remind you to rate my answer positively

Because then and only then will I get my share out of your deposit

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