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hi,what can i tell the german police to lessen the punishment,

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hi,what can i tell the german police to lessen the punishment, that i lost my logistical support in 2011, after having worked here for 23 years with an ID card and have forgotten to get a visa to stay legally untill now? I had some health injuries and sugar problems that i kept having to see the doc and I have been looking at every job on the US side of the house to see if i qualify but have had no luck to get another id card. Now my savings is almost gone,my wife's pulling her hair cause she's got one more year to finish schooling and wants to go with me to usa. So if i get jailtime then what happens with my 7 year household goods and how much is a fine normally for an administrative offense? I'd hate to break up a wonderfull 25 year marrige cuz of this...any help is greatly appreciated,gregory para 3,4,48,95|.2,98||.3 is what i'm charged with in germany

Dear Customer,



may I ask you what you are accused of?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ich besitzen seit dem 01.10.2011 keinen gultigen Aufenthaltstitel.

dem.para 4,48,95 | Nr.2 AufenthG; Owl gem. para 3,48,98 || Nr.3 AufenthG

It is one day after my job ended and my id card too...

vorladung says to bring reisepass and gultigen Aufenthaltstitel


Dear Customer,

you have to go to the police not because you do not have a Aufenthaltstitel but because of a different reason ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the Auslanderamt just had to report me as i was trying to get an Aufenthaltserlaubnis...but she said come back before 90 days with a foto and 110 euros for an extention...

Dear Customer

this is good news

You get the extension

Judst do as she told you and say you are sorry

no problem

You `re good
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

was not sure cuz the laws are long and end up with jail time or a big fine, and i'm scared to get so a big fine,like 1000 euros is for me like big, as i have been looking for another job since then and am really low on savings

i thought it was up to a judge to figure out what the fine will be? or is there a catalog for this case?

Thanks much for your help and your name is XXXXX XXXXX gregory

Dear Customer,

you will not go to jail for this

If the lady at the Ausländeramt offers you an extension you are just fine

Do not worry at the most you `ll get a small fine which is up to the judge
It is in per diem and a per diem is how much money you have per month divided by 30

Just say you are sorry

I would advice you to go to the Ausländeramt asap so you `ll get you extension

If I have have helped I would very much appreciate getting a positive feedback

And thanks for the compliment about my name
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