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I am a woman born in Berlin in 1937. In 1968, I married a Mexican

Customer Question

I am a woman born in Berlin in 1937. In 1968, I married a Mexican citizen after which I learned that I had lost my German citizenship because I did not notify the German authorities before the marriage that I wanted my German nationality preserved, according to the Bundeswerwaltungsamt. I never formally renounced my German citizenship.
In the case of a German man marrying a Mexican woman no such legal prerequisite exists and all children, granchildren etc. automatically get a German passport. Since 2006, not before, there exists a anti-discrimination law in Germany. The United Nations chart also prohibits discrimination against women and Germany belongs to the U.N. I feel I am discriminated against because I am a woman. Should I change my sex to get my Geman passport back? What can I do?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: German Law
Expert:  legal eagle replied 4 years ago.
Dear Customer,

thank you for using Just Answer.

Discrmination in Germany is forbidden by our constitution , which dates from 1948.

All the same there was discrmination later than that.

You losing you German citizenship is such a case.

This discrimination has been abolished long ago

Now if either the mother or the father is a German citizen the children automatically get the German citizenship.

The problem is once you have lost your German citizenship it is gone.

So you will have to reapply according to 13 Staatangehörigkeitsgesetz

I hope I was able to help