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I was in a relationship with a German guy who helped me with

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I was in a relationship with a German guy who helped me with some 300 Euros for paying my rent. At that time there was no discussion that on either it was a loan or a gift. His intention was to help me with my financial problem I dealt with. Shortly after that incident I decided to leave him and he went berserk with my decision and started to terrorizing me with threatening SMS-es such as killing himself and things like that. And suddenly he asked me to pay back that money he gave him, I offered him to give him my old camera and we have agreed on that per SMS. He continued to send threatening SMS-es, skype chats and etc to the extent that I had to block him to avoid any further STRESS. so our contact just recently re-established and now he wanted to have his money back and I insisted on sticking to our last agreement with the camera. And now he seemd to just want the money and threaten that he would give me troubles (to the police, alien office and so on) it seems he wants to just keep threatening me... and finding ways to do it..... so I wonder if he has ANY legal standpoint or any chance to give me any possible trouble there is (apart from unnnecessary stress) .... thank you!!!



if he wants the money back he will have to prove before court that it was a loan and not a present.

It all depends on the available witnesses if there is no written agreement.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He is threatening me to report me to the Aliean amt and say that I am a criminal? Does he have any backings on this? I am very worried and it seems he keeeps threatening me... what is the worst possible scenario that he can impose on me legally when I insist on refusing to pay him the money- as in my uderstanding it was never a loan ???

He has no backing at all if there are no witnesses about your agreement.


Wait and see.

The worst thing would be a civil lawsuit with false witnesses and criminal proceedings.


However this ist not likely if there are no witnesses.



If he gets violent, be aware of the German anti-stalking law.



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