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What can be done when someone makes allegations that are untrue

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What can be done when someone makes allegations that are untrue and reflect on the character of the person accused. The allegations are totally untrue and have resulted because of the actions of another person. There has been no illegality, it is related to separation issue.

legal eagle : Dear Customer,
legal eagle : thank you for using Just Answer
legal eagle : May I ask
legal eagle : Are these allegations told to other people?
Customer: Yes they are. The situation is this:- it is a separation and the relative of the separating has been accused of assault. This definitely did not happen and the accuser has no evidence ie doctos
Dear Customer,

thank you for responding

As this is quite a severe accusation he could be charged with libel

In order to do that the incident has to be reported to the police

There is also the possibility to get an injunction that forbids him to repeat these accustions.

This must be done beforr a cilivilian court

I hope I was able to help

Please tell me if there are any further questions you might like to ask about that subject

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How expensive is this to do? At the moment other issues are being addressed in court and this is a side issue to the main one. An avidavid has been lodged with the allegations and has been replied to. In the meantime the person is still making these allegations and another person has taken this up as well.
Dear Customer,

I shall answer you in 30 minutes

Is that ok?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok that's fine
Dear Customer,

how expensive thsi is depends on whether there is a lawyer involved or not and whether there is an agreement before court or not

There is also the possibility of legal aid
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks for your help, will pass on the information
Dear Customer

you are very welcome

If I was able to help I would very much appreciate getting a positive rating

Thank you
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