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Me and my wife are from Serbia. We live in Cologne since the

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Me and my wife are from Serbia. We live in Cologne since the end of last year. I am employed in Bonn, with permanent contract, with salary above 60.000 Eur/year. I have a Master degree in Electronics. My wife is Master of Architecture. Are integration courses mandatory for her? Currently we are waiting for "integration courses" administration to return her file to the Foreign office for further procedure for her Residence permit. My wife can't attend those courses currently (and for the next few years) due to the chronical back pain and condition which requires chiro therapy, excercises and time in bed. They are not accepting a paper from chiro, saying that's not a real doctor. IN German Emabassy in Belgrade we are told that she shouldn't attend these courses as highly qualified person and as a spouse of a highly qualified person (I have applied already for a Blue Card, for which I am qualified).
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If you want to be naturalized German citizens you need tp pass a test AND need to be a German resident for 8 years.

These 8 years can be reduced to 7 years if integration courses are visited

So these courses are NOT mandatory , just passing the test is, if she wants to have a claim for being naturalized

Passing these tests should not be any problem even without courses

I hope I was able to assist you

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you very much for your reply.

We understood this and our idea is not to "skip classes". My wife is studying German with private classes and online, that's what she can do laying in bed. We also want to provide the approval for her teacher from Integration Courses adminstration and to report on her progress.

The issue we have is that they now insist to have a paper from "official" German MD, holding her papers and delaying the Residence Permit procedure. My wife already had her visa extended because of this until June 18th and we are afraid that we will need to extend the visa again due to all this.

Additional question: passing this test is not time limited (within the 7 or 8 years)? Including B1 level German language certificate, of course.


Thank you in advance,



Dear Customer,

thank you for your reply

I would advie you to simply take what the Serbian doctor has written and what the chiro has written about your wife`s state of health and consult a German doctor , a Facharzt für Orthopädie.

Because unfortunately you cannot force the officials to acknowledge what a Serbian doctor has written about your wife`s state of health.

And Serbia is not yet in the European Union

As back pain is a very common disease arund here the doctor is going to be quite sympathetic , I am sure.

The test must be passed before applying for German citizenship

There is no time limit for that

I hope I was able to help

Please tell me if you have got any further questions
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have been told by officials that Integration courses are mandatory, unless additional documents are provided to either describe medical condition related unavailability or (as possible in our case as well), possesion of a Blue Card.

If you can provide us with exact paragraphs/clauses of the Law (and which Law) that we can refer ourselves, we would appreciate it.

Otherwise, thank you for your help and we will send our rating promptly.

You are not even entitled to attend an integration course

if there is little recognised need for integration, as I would say in your case
if you already speak German to an adequate level (you may nevertheless attend an orientation course).

Only if you received your residence permit after 1 January 2005 and you cannot make yourself understood in German, you must attend an integration course. The local immigration office will decide if attendance is required when it issues the residence title to you.

If you receive unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) and the office from which you receive unemployment benefit II requires you to attend an integration course, then you are obliged to attend.

You cannot be obliged to attend the course·
if you are training or are attending/have attended a comparable education programme (e.g. further education, continuing education) in Germany.
if long-term attendance on the integration course is impossible or unreasonable, for example if you have to look after a member of your family.
if you work and even attending a part-time course is not possible.

So as your wife is studying German I would not see it neccessary for her to attend the course

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