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can you register to establish a common law marriage after a

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can you register to establish a common law marriage after a person dies that you have lived with for 30 years in Germany
Dear Customer,

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There is no common law marriage in Germany that can be registered.

There is either a marriage between man and woman or a registered partnership for persons o the same sex

These two are legally binding.

A common law marriage however does not establish any rights or obliagations

The marriage and the registered partnership have to be between living persons, too

So I am afraid the answer to your question is no

I hope I was able to provide you with some legal information even it might not be the information you wanted to learn about

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.



what is the process and deadlines regarding renouncing a inheritance in Germany

Dear Customer,

thank you for replying.

This is called Erbausschlagung and there is a six week deadline which starts at the time you learn of the death.

If the heir has been living abroad at the time of the death the deadline is 6 months.

You have to declare it in probate court in the town where the deceased had his last residence.

A second possibilty is to have the renounciation of the inheritance notarized and the notary sends it to probate court.

It has to be a notary in Germany

I hope I was able to help

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what if the inheritances they are renouncing is in Spain(50% of a house). who's law trumps or do they have to renounce in both countries and does his unmarried partner ( of 30 ) years have any claim. As lawful heirs what are their financial obligations in regards XXXXX XXXXX house in Spain and such things as his income tax dues . We know that there is a handwritten will written between them that was never registered/notarized. Can she now have that motorized?

Dear Customer,

Please understand that I am a German Lawyer but if there is Real Estate involved Spanish Law may be applicable so that it is best to renounce in Germany and contact a Spanish Lawyer about the legal situation in Spain.

In German Law a handwritten and signed will is enough it does not have to be notarized.

Also I cannot say anything about tax in Spain for this you need a Spanish tax expert.

If I have helped I would greatly appreciate getting a positive Feedback because this is how I get credit for my work

Thank you so much
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