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I am a US citizen married to a Romanian (EU)Citizen.We would

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I am a US citizen married to a Romanian (EU)Citizen.We would like to reside in Germany for a year to study German language . We already paid for language class and started the course .We already register( Anmeld) with the city hall too.What I need now, is a residence permit.We were told that we have to show a financial support now. We need to block around 12000 Euro in a German Bank for a year as well as proof of health insurance for both of us to get this permit otherwise after 90 days ,I would be illegal while my wife can stay . I thought , as the non-EU spouse of an EU citizen I’ll have the same right as my wife under European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/38/EC to move and reside freely throughout the European Union.I would appreciate any feedback/advice from a qualified attorney.
Thank you


please see Art. 7 I a and b of the mentioned EC Directive.


You or your husband would need to have a job in Germany or the necessary money for the stay.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am sorry for the late reply. I read the link you kindly provided.I was wondering if it would be easier to get the residence and work permit through my wife who is Romanian citizen or through self employment visa and as freelancer since I am a scientist and a Us citizen.


Your wife will be able to stay without any problem. You need her to get any visa. Without her it would be far more difficult.


The issue is that for getting the permit for you even through your wife she'll need to be able to pay for you during the stay. This is why they want the 12000 Euros.


As a scientist you may try to get a blue card, but in that case you'll need to have a minimum salary of 44.800 Euros brutto (in 2012), in some exception 35000 Euros.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for the info for blue card .But I was asking freelancer visa which is also known as artist visa.Since this can give me work permit as well as residence permit .Please look at this link and let me know what do you advise.Which one is better this visa or visa through my wife.I heard freelance visa gives you permit for one year ,dose not need this 12000 Euro and easy to get .Please advise.


You will also need to have proof the ability to cover the living costs for at least a year.

You will need a full business plan.


Thus, there will be the same problems as with the other visa.


For the necessary paperwork, see for example:


Good luck.

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