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HI MY NAME IS XXXXX XXXXX a house in germany for cash

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HI MY NAME IS XXXXX XXXXX a house in germany for cash in 2007 i paid for the house myself but put my girlfriend down on title of the house.We have not bin living together now for 5yrs but she sill lives in the house with my little girl that is 9yrs old..i have bin giving her £300 a week i would like to sell the house but not where i stand?
Dear Customer,

thank you so much for using Just Answer.

Do I understand correctly: the deed is in your girlfriend`s name ?

She is in the land register ?

According to German Law who is in the land register is the owner of the house, no matter who paid for it.

So she is the owner.

As you may have put the house in her name because you have expected you`d be living together you might be entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately the claim to compensation has a statute of limitations of 3 years, starting with the day you separated.

So she is legally the owner and she is entitled to lve in the house.

I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

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Of course you can ask further questions until you are completely satisfied

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi thank you for your reply sorry for the confusion but we are both on the name and hers

Dear Customer,

this is a different story altogether.

You either put the houee on the market with her consent or you have to make a forced sale and split the noney you get.

A forced sale does not bring as much money as selling the housse on the free market.

Also the procedure of a forced sale takes quite a long time.

Also it would mean that she would have to be leave the house.

If this is against the child`s interets she can contradict the forced sale.

In order to speed things up a bit you should consider demanding Nutzungsentschädigung, which is not rent but a compensation that she uses your half of the house as well.

The Nutzungsentschädigung would be as high as what you normally would pay rent for a house like that only half of it of course

Because she does not want to change the situation as she lives in the house for free.

If you demand compensation and threaten with a forced sale she might agree to sell the house on the free market.

I hope I was able to help

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