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so this just happen today and i am waiting to hear back from

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so this just happen today and i am waiting to hear back from my doc he sent me certified mail stating he would no longer provide me with my narcotic pain medication due to my last drug screen which i have not gotten results on yet i want to have another test done to prove i am taking my meds right my urine test i know for a fact had serious ketone imbalance just by the color but i drink at least a gallon of water a day due to dry mouth from bi polar meds anyways is it my right to have another test don e ? the meds are oxycodone and methadone for chronic pain from a whole bunch of can he just cut me off what about the withdrawl i will go thru i have been on oxy at least 2 and half yrs or more and methadone ofr a year...can u help me please...i dont know what to do
dear Customer,

Thank you so much for using Just Answer.

The simplest thing would be going to another doctor

There are many doctors specialized in pain management and even the clinics or hospitals have special departments dealing with that issue( Schmerzambulanzen)

It may not be right what your doctor has done, but it will be time-consuming to do something and you need your medications

i hope I was able to help
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you so much i will for sure check into that i know i can go to the hospital folr a list of docs its just i am to nice and worry about hurting someones feelings but when i think about it i will be the one who suffers thru withdrawl no 1 and secondary i will live my life in bed due to pain and at 51 i am not ready to do that so i can actually get another doc within the same community we are good samaratin and lebanon where i live albany and corvallis which are the surrounding communities in the good samaratin area all talk to each other o basically i have to go out of the community to get help ? or would i be able to see a doc in the good sam area and they would manage my pain idk hekp ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

but would i have to go out of my county to get help or would another doc be willing to help me if i am taken off these meds my quality of life would be horrible i can not even see myself even getting out of bed the pain is that bad

Dear Customer,

I am so sorry that your pain is that bad.

Of course you are entitled to getting help for your pain.

There is no need for going out of the community because of that because that would cause you too much trouble.

Please seek help from another doctor as soon as possible

All my best wishes

If I have helped I would very much appreciate getting positive feedback
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