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Are morey boards mach9 tube rail bodyboards from Costco good

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Are morey boards mach9 tube rail bodyboards from Costco good boards. It costs about $24
Which I am surprised as many beach rental places rent body boards for $10 an hour.

Good morning and welcome to the site. The Morey Mach 9 Tube Rail boards are very lightweight and have a reputation for splitting in half when used by a person with a body weight over 100 lbs. These boards do not have quality construction and tend to bounce a lot, making it more difficult to "catch a wave." These boards have received poor customer reviews from individuals of varying age, body weight, and skill. I would not recommend purchasing one.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. If you are satisfied with my assistance, a 5-star rating would be appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Sarah

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for your advice, they are made of foam materials. So I guess anyone over 100 pounds will be too heavy for it right?

Sorry for the delay in my response! For some reason, the website did not send me a notification that you had responded to my first reply, so I just noticed your response now. I apologize.

The board doesn't have specific weight specifications, but according to the feedback from people who have purchased and used this type of board, they tend to split in half fairly easily and a few customers have specifically complained that the weight of the person on the board was only 100-120 lbs. It seems that, in general, this board had poor construction and is not a sturdy, durable board. Although the price is attractive, it is probably a better investment to buy a more expensive board that has better construction. Sorry about that!

As always, providing excellent customer service is my goal. If you feel that I've done that, please take a moment to provide a positive rating. Thank you! Have a wonderful evening. Sarah

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks Sarah for checking in I have returned the board to Costco.