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What caused many people to lose their jobs in Flint,

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What caused many people to lose their jobs in Flint, Michigan on or around the 1980s and become homeless and/or poor? Was it because unions tried to fight for better benefits for employees (sick leave, health insurance, and so forth) and in order not to have to deal with the extra work and trouble of doing so, employers such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and so forth simply just laid off many employees and sent the jobs overseas where people would only want a job and not care about the extra benefits? Or was the cause due to something else? Thank you.

Good afternoon,

Reasons are many for the conditions in Flint over the years. My research shows that situations such as the major car companies finding cheaper labor elsewhere as over 30,000 autoworkers in Flint, eventually 80,000 in all, and shut down several factories. . Cheap labor in Mexico helped in the closing of plants and sending those jobs elsewhere. Recession of the 1980s, along with high gas prices also was a reason why plants closed and people lost their jobs. GM's employment began to drop by 1988, with plant closures throughout the 1990s and 2000s including many in Flint.

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