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Samsung ER-2715 Cash Register At the end of the year, we

Customer Question

Samsung ER-2715 Cash Register
At the end of the year, we usually do a Financial Report for the year.
To do that, we have always pressed SUBTOTAL/CHECK/CASH TENDERED
I tried to run the report New Years eve, and all I get is an error message "Warning Sequencing Error with the error buzzer. I am pressing Subtotal, Cash, Check as I always did in past. When you press subtotal, it gives error.
Doesn't work with the key in any position - not X, Z or REG.
Could you please help me get the total cleared for the new year? Am I doing something wrong?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: General
Expert:  BestOne1943 replied 8 months ago.

My manual says the same thing, "subtotal",​ "Check" & "Cash Tend". Could it be that something is not reset, like the regular daily totals? Try resetting the ​"1", subtotal, "2", subtotal, "3", subtotal, "4" subtotal, "5", subtotal and "6", subtotal first and then try your YTD in the correct sequence.

Expert:  BestOne1943 replied 8 months ago.

This is a very old register, but then I am old also. The battery may be dead but if you ever had a power failure you would loose all your data. Don't try unplugging it right now.....

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

I reset all the totals - 1 + subtotal thru 6+subtotal.

Then tried to run the report. When I press subtotal the error message starts with the buzzer. It has worked fine every other year. So I still do not have a solution. Why do you think I shouldn't unplug? Thank you.

Expert:  BestOne1943 replied 8 months ago.

I'm just saying there is most likely something wrong with the memory that is disallowing this function. If you unplug it and it is the battery that is dead, your program and totals are gone. I don't have a solution at this point. If everything else is functioning as it should then the only thing that can be done is a total restart of the register as if you were taking out of the box as brand new. This is called "clearing the RAM". The procedure, if you plan to do it is to turn the control lock to the "C" position, unplug the register, hold down the "00" key, then plug it back in, continuing to hold the "00" down until it cycles and stops printing. Now you must reprogram the entire register. Try your YTD function after a simple program. Sorry to be the one to tell you this but something is most likely glitched in it's memory to cause this error. If you need program help, I will try to assist.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

Ugh. Thanks for your help. Not about to try to reprogram myself.

I do wonder why you said its a very old register. It was bought as new from a vendor just a few years ago.

How old is it? Thanks.

Expert:  BestOne1943 replied 8 months ago.

SAM4 puts a date on the serial # plate, this is the date to change the 3yr. old battery, so 2004 is a 2001 model. I am a 35 yr. dealer in Central Texas, where ae you located? It is still a great register, I would just have to reset it and replace the battery before I reprogram it. Battery life is more like 5 yrs. Do you have inkers and 44mm paper for it? Keep it going and good luck to you

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Well, there is another glitch that shows a symbol rather than a 5, not all the time. Our vendor said it would cost hundreds to fix that. It doesn't affect anything we can see. I have paper/ink. The person that usually services that sold it to us isn't answering phones or emails. So will need to find another in OH. Dayton area. Thanks for your suggestions.