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Michael, Librarian
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I have two pieces of clothes that I would like to strech out

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Hey Michael!
I have two pieces of clothes that I would like to strech out a little bit. The shirt lengthwise and the pants widthwise.I am sending you a few attachments explaining how I want to strech them out exactly: heard that there are some ways to do that without the need of sewing or taking it to a seamstress. Can you please provide me some videos explaining how to do that like this link here:

Good afternoon,

In terms of having the pants stretch out by what it seems by the width and not the length:

1. 205,000 views:


As for how to stretch the length of the shirt:

1. While not a video, these tips are worth a try:

Hope that this info was found helpful.


I hope that with these instructions that you can have your pieces of clothing looking and wearing like you want. Hope that my help was found useful as if you could take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my assistance was found useful today.

Take care,


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