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I need the names of famous activists that are researching and

Customer Question

I need the names of famous activists that are researching and creating better higher standards of health care and fighting to include new preventive health care standards into policty.
Kind of like what Bloomberg did to remove Transfats from NY restaurants and other states followed and now it is becoming more proven.
These activists create policy and have legal and financial support that create major change that benefit the population. They lobby and write up bills and submit to congress and in nationwide settings for public policy, private, elderly, medicare etc.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
Went ahead this morning to provide name of those that are standing out in the health field and are making waves to create better alternatives. While those in government are the ones that will write up bills and get them through congress, names below offer influence and help create change in our population and have the ear of major leaders in this country:1. 50 of the top people in healthcare. Some are activists in this field: Top 25 profiles: A top 100 list that has those that offer influence and can assist in getting contacts in government to get bills passed: Some are back-to-basics approach to food.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Ok... so those are for making changes and they are effective doing this, correct?

Are you able to continue to skim through these for me and find the data I am looking for? FOr compensation of course. I have my babysitter who can also assist me and have her stay a little longer, but this would be faster for me here if you do it...since they would have to use my computer.... I rather keep my computer free.

If you can continue on this thread a little longer, that would be great.

What I would like is; to zoom in one the particular individuals that are actually referencing "alternative health care protocols used in other countries that have been proven to be effective in those other countries which are banned here because they make the use of surgery or the use of diagnostic tools or permanent use of medication obsolete... so of course there is a conflict of interest in accepting those standards from other countries or that were once upon a time, considered tried and true remedies passed down for disease prevention or remedies because our economy would take a nose dive.. (I get that inconvenient truth) .

So that is exactly what I need. I need to isolate or collect the research that is being referenced by these particular activists...or at least find the particular individuals or organizations that are specifically zooming in on this type of health Care reform and to make it standard care in our institutions and perhaps succeeding to at least protect their freedom to do research here if not to apply the standards yet. PS, I am applying these protocols myself so I know they work but I need evidence.

Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
Happy to review the lists I provided to see which individuals would be best for what you are looking for.Here are the names in which are making a difference and for you to inquire with further:Deepak Chopra, M.D.Alternative Medicine AdvocateMarion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H.The Food Politics ProfessorMark Hyman, M.D.The Top Functional DocJoseph MercolaThe Alternative Medicine EvangelistJamie OliverThe Celebrity Chef With a CauseMark BittmanThe Plant-Based ConvertKristina Carrillo-BucaramThe Raw Food ProselytizerEllie KriegerThe Good Eats Guru Arianna HuffingtonThe Sleep EvangelistDr. ***** *****pman, M.D.Maker of the RulesGary TaubesThe Conversation StarterAndrew Weil, M.D.Integrative Medicine GuruDavid Katz, M.D.Do-Everything Food Doctor
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I know these doctors and their web presence is strong. Add Dr Oz - Cardio at Columbia getting lots of flac for all the people that are getting their HDL higher....... including myself and my folks....(my moms heart doctor rejected that there was any benefit to vit D or fish oil....

and Dr David Perlmutter for relieving symptoms of Parkinsons and William Walsh who's research with inmates changed their aggression with dietary changes and removing heavy metals from their bodies, and now with his work with Autism...

BUT what I am looking for goes further... I need actual MD's surgeons, those who have quit their practices and given up their licenses and respected research scientists that actually have had tremendous wins and gains and have fought in congress and had legal battles and won with the data that they have presented. And they are for hire... Not sure how else to put it...

."They lobby and write up bills and submit to congress and in nationwide settings for public policy, private, elderly, medicare etc.

Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
Can see that you want to narrow down the list to individuals. Overall, medical groups lobby and offer ideas while elected representatives are the ones who write the bills and submit to be passed by both houses. Most of what I have been able to research are medical associations and not individuals. While I am sure some do exist, I have been unable to locate a list. Let me then opt-out for another expert to possibly assist.Michael
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

It does not have to be a list... maybe there is an individual that has lead the research which has been too compelling to ignore and a particular health advocacy group with some muscle and financing was strong enough to hire effective representatives or health attorneys that fought and won... For example, the defence team for dr Oz perhaps? Or the team that created the game changing rules for Bloomberg in NY or in other states in regards ***** ***** Trans Fats out of our food system FINALLY. I just realized that I said Famous Activists so i see how my question is zooming in more into the process part so I will consider that in my bonus....

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