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I would love to know what to do with this item.. tried to

Customer Question

I would love to know what to do with this item.. tried to sell on E-bay. Tried to drop off at Antique shop. Tried to donate to Chiropractic College in Oregon. See description below.
This is a true vintage adjustment table, built in Davenport, Iowa In 1912 -1913. Made with Oak frame and horse hair filled cushions. Very heavy. Needs refurbishing. Would make great museum piece
HISTORY: Many entrepreneurial adjusting table manufacturers popped up in Davenport, most along Brady Street close to the chiropractic colleges. Several had good designs while others were quite shoddy. Some stuck around for a while such as AA Griffin Company, which was very popular in the teens and 1920's due to aggressive advertising and a good product. Griffin, of Lansing, Mich., started producing wooden tables in the teens that have proven remarkably durable. A 1913 ad shows the open table adjustment of the two piece table was “done away with” on the Griffin. It protected the “ladies with full breasts” and “every muscle was relaxed” because of the superior support. This adjusting table offered a split headpiece, an innovation not seen on the Palmer tables until 1922. Griffin's Hylo (or Hi-Low) was introduced in 1917.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.

I might suggest contacting some of the chiropractic museums in the US to see if there is any interest in this very important piece of health history in the US. Here are some museums to inquire with further:

Palmer Family and Chiropractic Museum

Brown House Chiropractic Museum

The Chiropractic Museum at Life West

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