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I have dark (almost black) bookcases on either side of a

Customer Question

I have dark brown (almost black) bookcases on either side of a stone fireplace (2 on each side) in our family room and want to lighten the back to bring more light in and show the pieces I have in the bookcase. The bottom part of each bookcase has closed doors and the top part of each bookcase has 5 shelves, including the base. My first idea was to paint the backs in a color a little darker that the wall color but that is a major commitment that my husband is concerned about. The second idea was to find a temporary wallpaper but cannot find any that I like. The third idea was to get a linen fabric and somehow attach it to the wood without damaging the wood but can't figure out how to do that. The final idea would be getting mirrors cut but I'm afraid that would look dated. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  eddie22Island replied 1 year ago.

Painting would be the LEAST damaging and would give you the option of unlimited change.......with the higher cost of wallpaper you would be locked in and then you would have to remove and scrub off the glue and repaint anyway.........I thought about how to attach the fabric with velcro around the perimeter but you would get a bit of sag in the middles......the shelves would help and hide it some.........mirrors would be very expensive especially getting them installed I thought maybe something a little different as anyone of a dozen of faux finishes.......the classy look of wallpaper or fabric with the practicality of paint without the labor intensiveness aspect .........a leather or parchment design......perhaps silk....... I attached a few ideas that maybe would offer some insight