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Is there a good website that offers custom tailored t-shirts

Customer Question

Is there a good website that offers custom tailored t-shirts - not dress shirts, t-shirts - and would also custom print an image on the shirt?
Is there a good manufacturer that'd be able to do these shirts in mass - as in lots of custom tailored t-shirts in tall or unique sizes with an image of your choice?
What would the wesbite/contact info for a tailor or place that could do single custom t-shirts or a large number of them be?
Note: I'm not asking just for a place that just let's you pick a t-shirt design. MUST be custom tailored. If they can't make a t-shirt that fits a 7ft tall person, I'm not interested.
So far the only place I've found is - so that won't be accepted as an answer. Their shirts are only wide necked, and not regular t-shirts.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.

Hi Brendon,

Went ahead this afternoon to research companies that could offer custom made t-shirts that will allow your own design. Finding a t-shirt that can be custom tailored is tough as dress shirts can be done by many companies but not something like a t-shirt. Some to inquire further though to offer you include:

1. CustomInc allows for unique logos as well as quality t-shirts for big and tall:

2. This company guarantees the fit of the shirt will be right or work with you to make sure everything is correct. Quality materials and can custom make the t-shirt how you wish it to look: