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Where can I sell silver items in Melbourne - canteen of

Customer Question

Hello where can I sell silver items in Melbourne - canteen of cutlery, sets of spoons, silver teapot and fancy bowls. All old, all from the UK, hall marked and cutlery in presentation boxes. Collecting dust. Thanks in advance
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


The best route would be through auction. It is free to contact auction houses and get an estimate for sale. You can contact each auction house through their website. You will send them photos and information. You would not be obligated to sell with any of them. Please bear in mind that estimates will vary from each business, and that the highest estimate is not necessarily a guarantee of a sale. Auction houses take a percentage of the final sale price, so it is in their best interest to sell it for a premium bid.

Here are the best one's to contact in your area:


E-Valuations to *****@******.***

8-16 Moore Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040

T 02 9566 2377 | F 02 9566 2388 |

Philips Auction House:


Telephone: (03) 9509 6788 - Fax: (03) 9509 3455



Como House
Como Avenue
South Yarra
Melbourne VIC 3141
Tel: +61 3 8640 4088
Fax: +61 2 9475 4110


Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


Just checking in to see if you viewed your answer and if you are seeking further assistance?

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