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I'm the curator of a small museum; Beach Haven Public

Customer Question

My name is Anna ***. I'm the curator of a small museum; Beach Haven Public Library & Museum, in Beach Haven, NJ. The borough is having many activities this year as we are celebrating the 125th Incorporation of Beach Haven. We are trying to locate a photo of Robert *** *****. He owned & operated the Engelside Hotel after the death of his father, Robert *. ***. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Anna
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Chris Miller replied 1 year ago.
Hello Anna,
I have searched the internet as I am sure you have, and there doesn't seem to be any photographs of Robert Fry Engle online. The Pintrest page of the Engelside Hotel has a photo of his father but none of him. You might contact his grandson, Robert Fry Engle III at Stern School of Business of NYU. His email address there is***@******.***. On a bio page (, Prof. Engle mentions the Engelside Hotel and his grandfather. He also mentions having twin sisters, so it seems that there might be someone in the family who would have a photograph of Mr. Engle to share.
Another possible resource mentioned by Prof. Engle is the book 'Eighteen Miles of History', by ***** ***** Lloyd, that includes an account of the building and heyday of the Engelside Hotel.
Hope this helps!

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