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I have just been hired as a pse clerk . I get

Customer Question

I have just been hired as a pse clerk for nights. I get processed 7/27 on orientation day. I have three other letters to interview two I would really love during the day and more hours. I don't want to give up this current job as a pse incase I don't get hired as a carrier. I am pretty sure I have a good shot after talking to the post masters briefly. I cant be unemployed any longer so would it be okay to start orientation on the 7/27 and work there and tolerate the nights interview wait and see if I get the other positions then move into that job as a carrier? Would they fire me? Would all my paperwork transfer so the waiting time would be shorter? Is that allowed? This other job as a pse night clerk is going to be rough on me but I want so bad to work for usps. the other problem is what if I don't get hired as a carrier if I quit the PSE position now then Im unemployed and out for good. Is  it best t go to orientation and start job and then interview or not accept the pse before orientaton

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: General