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Category: General
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Is 1 hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl methanone poisonous to one's

Customer Question

Is 1 hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl methanone poisonous to one's health?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Andy_PhD_DABT replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I looked up this chemical up and could not find much toxicity information about it. All I saw was that it might be used in some cosmetics and in inks that may come in contact with food as well as use as a UV induced curing agent for plastics. What little information I found says that it is not very toxic. There are some reports of tests were it wasn't shown to cause skin sensitization (allergy), skin damage, or short term toxicity. That being said and the fact that is is used to help cure UV-induced plastic formation, I think it likely reacts when exposed to UV light and causes a chemical change in nearby chemicals. So I think the tests that were done were likely done under low UV light environments and so were not very toxic. I wonder if under high UV environments if it would be more toxic. So, as long as you are not getting this on you or in you and then going out in the sun all day, then you probably don't have to worry a lot. There is little data on this chemical, so what I have said is just a guess at this point. So treating this as an unknown, I would say if you don't have to be exposed to this chemical that you shouldn't and if you do, to limit your exposure as much as possible. I might be able to give you more specific recommendations if you could tell me more about how you are coming in contact with this chemical and some more context about why you are coming in contact with it. I hope this helps and if you want a more specific answer, please give me more context about your exposure. Take care,Andy

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