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I walked into a restaurant I have eaten at with my

Customer Question

I walked into a restaurant I have eaten at for years with my niece and her young daughter. Everything was pleasant including the waiter til the last bite in my meal I bit down on a metal bolt. My niece watched me take it out of my mouth and was horrified. Instead of causing a scene I decided to be discreet and took the waiter aside to tell him what happened in the hallway next to the bathroom, he asked to see the bolt, because it was somewhat covered in food, I opened the womens bathroom door with him standing there, rinsed it off and handed it to him. He then called another waitress over and she couldn't believe what she saw and grabbed it from him to take it to the kitchen. A man in Khaki shorts and a tshirt apporached our table stating he was sorry and he wanted to know where I found it because "there's nothing like this in our kitchen", "Im not saying your lying, i just want to know what happened". I told him I had eaten combo fajitas and my best guess was it came from the pinto beans, its only thing that possibly makes sense because I was scooping them out of a smaller dish on a big spoon. He said Ok. "Once again i apologize, we will get to the bottom of this and for now I will take care of the bill". I politely said thank you, ***** ***** a waitress if I could leave the tip money on the table since he was taking care of the bill, she said yes thats fine. As my niece, her daughter, and I were walking to my car, we were approached by an older hispanic female saying "ladies, Ladies!" "What about your Bill?!" I said well the man inside stated he would take care of it, she said no he was only talking about your bill, not both meals". I said she stopped eating for fear of her and her lil daughter swallowing something. She said "well the staff and I found this metal piece in the bathroom, it looks like it belongs together, if you guys run scams like this often, its really not right!". I said Mam, excuse me, I swear on my life that came from your food and I didnt place anything anywhere and I hurt my tooth biting down on it. "Well you should get your meal comped but not her, but its not right what you ladies are doing". I went to the bathroom in front of the waiter, opening the door with him there, never closing the door so I could rinse the metal bolt off before he touched it, Im a nurse and I didnt want him touching something that came right from my mouth. "Well it looks like you got this metal piece from our bathroom, but you have a good day." I told her it was bad business what she was doing and that its not right to accuse others of running a scam when it isnt true. I left, my fiance called them and asked for owners name. Owners name is***** havent spoken with her. They kept the metal bolt that came out of my mouth, but there was witnesses.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 2 years ago.
sounds like an awful experience for you. What is your concern...that they are trying to cover it all up by making it out like you are lying? Sounds like their best defense is an offense and it also sounded like you handled it well and with extreme politeness and caused no scene which you certainly could have.
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 2 years ago.
Let me know how I can support you around this experience.

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