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How many steps down is best 6 or 8 with corner sticking out?

Customer Question

I'm putting a back staircase in outside that expands the length of the my upper porch approx 33' long.
My question:
I can put 6 steps and raise the deck from 3-4ft out of ground or put 8 steps which will bring to 2-3 out of grade.
I'm reading conflicting info about stair step sets.
Gold-silver-death... And then the power of 4's.
Would 6 steps be death bc it's the 6th step or silver bc it's the second set of steps.
I would choose 8 bc I know 8 is auspicious but the corner of the stair will protrude a walkway and that's my hesitancy.
I need to understand if one set of steps is 3=1 set and 6=2 sets...or are the steps counted individually.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: General