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Dear Sir or Madam,I shall be grateful if you could refer

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I shall be grateful if you could refer me to some contacts or websites on which I can sell synopsis of my books, though, at the exception of only one book already published on KDP Amazon, they haven't yet been starting being written.

My aim is to approach some amateur or professional writers specialized in creative writing, poetry, screenplay for movies or theatre and magazine articles, and who actually are looking for new ideas for their next products. I am especially focussing on amateur and professional writers who either need additional ideas or are of lack of inspiration right now to start their new projects, and who would be interested buying my synopsis to start their projects.

By the same way, I would be interested having my synopsis sold through a chain of distribution which would allow me having commissions on all the synopsis sold.

My website is and my synopsis are retrieved on the page "My Literary Projects". Kindly don't hesitate if you need any further information or clarification from me.

Thanking you before hand

Yours faithfully,

Uma Bhurtah (Republic of Mauritius but actually residing in the Republic of Seychelles)
Hello, thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael, a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Wonderful that you wish to have your stories published and hiring someone to assist is the first step in writing from your synopsis.

I located some key tips for you to begin with as this information goes from synopsis to pitching your book to publishers:

I would also recommend getting a copy of The Writers Market as it is a valuable help to get started:

Conducted some research tonight on those for you contact to see their interest in your project.

1. Writer for hire:


3. Ebook writers as well as standard hard copy ones:

Michael and 34 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Michael,

Many thanks for the time you spent to answer to my request.

I already had a quick look on most of the sites you sent me regarding the ghostwriting services and also did some personal research on wikipedia about ghostwriting services.

However, I also tried to look for possibilities of free ghostwriting services, as my financial situation doesn't right now allow me to hire and pay the services of a ghostwriter but I haven't found any for the moment.

I shall be grateful if you could also inform me in case you know some interesting addresses of ghostwriters who would accept to do the job freely for the moment.

But regarding remuneration, here is what I thought about : I thought about selling my synopsis to one or several ghostwriters through a chain of distribution, to allow each of the ghostwriters I found looking for other ghostwriters at their turn to resell the synopsis to them, and so on. Through that chain of distribution, the ghostwriters would be allowed getting some commissions for each selling of my synopsis.

By the same way, regarding the ghostwriters I would hire, I thought about then being remunerated directly with the benefits they would earn on each complete book that would be sold even if the book is under my name, whereas I would touch a commission for each book selling.

I know my request is complicated but I shall be nonetheless grateful for your kind assistance in case you would have something interesting to propose to me.

Thanking you before hand,

Yours sincerely

Hello Uma,

Very glad that the information I supplied can be of assistance to you and your quest to get your books published.

Some suggestions first about having a ghost writing service for free:

1. Sometimes established writers offers assistance in terms of having their name included in the final product for performing the writing free. Locating a writer you want to work with and agreeing to these terms
may be an option to consider if you do not mind having their name included on your work.

2. Advertising on sites such as Craigslist has many scams so be careful if you look to hire from this service.
Try looking for writers on sites such as

Services such as these are not free but by contacting some writers and working on an agreement may be beneficial to both parties. Your thoughts on commissions may interest some writers so offering this idea may work.

Since you have done some work with Amazon, you may wish to contact them to see what suggestions they may offer.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

For my part, I won't mind at all having the name of the ghostwriter included and it will be a great pleasure for me, as I am not a professional writer but a beginner, to work with them in collaboration, and even to have the benefits shared with them, either fifty-fifty, or the ghostwriter getting all the benefits from all book selings and me the comissions only as mentioned previously.

Further to what I said previously, in such cases do you have interesting links for free ghostwriters who would like their name included in my books and agree to share the benefits with me ?

However, within the framework of that collaboration, does the ghostwriter interfere for any assistant from the credited writer, for example some researches, some true experiences of life, etc ? And do those information requests require payments though ghostwriting services are free ?

I will have a closer look at the websites you sent me and revert to you for any other questions.

Best regards,

Very difficult Uma on finding someone who would work for free right off the bat. From all of my research this morning on this topic such as this link here:

With this said, i think that working with those from Odesk would give you the best result at the lowest cost possible. Working with those in the organization listed earlier is also an option. I worry about sites such as Craigslist as scams are often found there.

Another option to consider to seeing what your local college and/or university has in terms of up and coming writers might be interested in taking on your writing project.

Be sure though that you are properly ready for any work done by having a contract agreement done before any work is agreed upon. You can use sites such as Legalzoom to get the forms necessary.

As for services that can lower costs:

1. Free consultation:

2. Free commission:

3. Free quotes:

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Michael,

Yes you are right about the fact that the ghostwriting service are not free. I had the confirmation through the association of ghost writers whom I contacted, which confirmed me about the professional ghostwriters being in that association who wouldn't accept to do such a service freely.

Thank you very much for all the addresses you gave me. I sent a request to all of them and hope to have an interesting answer for a very cheap cost as per my request.

I shall again thank you for all the time you took to assist me and hope to hear from you very soon and collaborate with you very quickly.

Have a good week from now,

Best regards,

You are very welcome and I hope you hear back soon from the organizations that you contacted.
I am online daily so please contact me at anytime you need assistance. Best of luck in publishing your books.

Librarian Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Michael how are you doing ?

As I promised you I am reverting to you with some new updates further to all those email exchanges we had previously.

Finally I won't ask for the service of a ghostwriter. After you I got in touch with an English professor, mrs Miranda, who agreed with you on the risk I was occurring by having the services of a free ghostwriter. Merite over, among all the contacts you sent me, I received a reply from Diana Amsterdam for her fees as a writer for hire, which are usd 300.00 for one project only! Unfortunately that excesses my budget and I prefer not going forward with the idea of recruiting a ghostwriter.

I also made up my mind further to what I discussed with Miranda : finally it is better that I write my own projects myself. If I pay the services of a ghostwriter, though they may propose something interesting, it may perhaps not match with the ideas I would have to develop my story. However, what I would like to have is some writing assessment assistance for each of my synopsis to give me some directions I can follow to develop my story. Do you think it is possible ? If yes whom can I contact for that service ?

I also thought about having my synopsis,with finalized work attached to them, sold not in publishing companies nor in libraries but through a chain of freelance distributors where all the public is concerned, in one hand to boost my sellings thanks to the mouth to ear and interesting commissions on each book sold, in another hand to allow each person buying my final work having some extra money through that chain of distribution. Who can I contact for that ?

Thanking you before hand,

Best regards

Hello Uma,

Things are well and glad to hear from you and letting me know how your project is going. Very happy you have had assistance with an expert such as Mrs. Miranda who can be a good source of guidance on your future projects. Continue to get guidance from her as necessary as your writing grows.

In terms of writing assessment assistance, an idea first would be to see if the local college and/or university in your area may have a service that can review work completed by yourself. Other places to look for writing assistance can be:

Local writers group or critique circle
Online writers group
Creative writers course or teacher (such as Mrs Miranda)

I have found this link below to be of assistance that I think can shed some light on this process:

In terms of freelance distribution, I would check with those that work under the site odesk or any of the professional organizations I sent earlier. So many scams out there so one would have to check out the various services beforehand. Make sure though before any work is agreed upon to have a contract put together to protect yourself.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Michael,

First of all I apologise for my late reply and I thank you again for the time you took to reply to my email.

Regarding writing assistance, for the moment I am registered on linkedin and I am part of some groups such as Freeing the writer within you, Women writing for a change, etc. for the moment I receive some message alerts but I don't know if those groups will be of help regarding the synopsis I have produced on my website. I think I shall think about it again and revert to each of the groups I subscribed in case they would be of help.

Here in Seychelles unfortunately, such local writing groups don't exist because literature doesn't have a big place into its local culture. However in Mauritius there are some interesting writing groups such as British council, French Institute of Mauritius, French Alliance of Mauritiius, etc but unfortunately I am not in Mauritius right now and I don't know when I will be back there depending on my husband's contract duration in Seychelles, but I can try to contact them and see where they can help me developing my synopsis.

But the best way for helping me for the moment remains expert teachers such as mrs Miranda, and even some specific creative writing courses. I applied to the Writers Bureau in Manchester, which delivers distance learning courses in creative writing. But due to the lack of time I have with my responsibilities at home I couldn't go further with the course but I may definitely start it as soon as my son goes to school.

Thank you for the link you sent me, I will have a closer look and revert to you ASAP if I have specific questions about it. No worries for the links about freelance distributions, you can come back to me when you have some specific information.

Have a good day and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Uma,

Great to hear that you have contacted some creative writing groups in your community. With the internet and social media, one does not need to travel far to expand their creativity.

As for distribution, I would first hold off until you have worked with either a freelance writer or someone to review your books before a distribution deal can be reached.

I am online almost daily so please let me know how I can be of further assistance as well as letting me know how your books are coming along.

Librarian Michael