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Khristopher N. Sines AACJ, BSHS/M, MS/P
Khristopher N. Sines AACJ, BSHS/M, MS/P, Consultant
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My curiosity regarding Socionics is based in looking for a

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My curiosity regarding Socionics is based in looking for a new job/career. I am 59 and have been in the wrong line of work for 20 years. Most job counselors are geared to younger age groups. That said, I need to identify my core strengths. As a ENFT I can and have been able to do many things and that is a problem. I like an initial challenge and dislike the routine it settles into after the problems are solved and the routine sets in. That is one example. I am wanting an unbiased "opinion" as to what my real strengths are that would allow me to locate a job more closely suited to my behavioral preferences. Meyers Briggs is great but is lacking something. Socionics may be the missing link and I am trying to understand how it applies to a job description. So, my 2 questions are, how does someone go from a ENTP to an ISFP when going from Type to Socionics and wher is a laymans explanation on what the applicable jobs are based on the Socionics information. I am assuming the Socionics is more applicable than just Type or does one use them together? Do us both a favor and keep it simple. ;)

Socionics understanding is 'different' is because for true socionics comprehension, you have to do a lot of work self-identifying certain 'feelings' and 'internal mechanisms' with what socionics theory says. Based on the information you have given me regarding your personality type and simply by what you have said about the career path you want get involved with you hit the nail on the head so to speak. Routine is boring and you want more! The ENTP and ISFP both push towards what you want to do. You do not have to place yourself in the ENTP or the ISFP. You take from them what you see as nothing in the world of psychology can be set in stone. Just to many opinionated processes to be 100% accurate. This is why psychological majors always say a person "fits" this category. I have my Master's in Psychology! i can tell you that just from reading this post, no matter what career path you take, you will need to build ways to stimulate your drive to bounce the routine. Also, the information tells me that you will always want more no matter what you are doing. You inspire to do great things and once you get involved with these great things; you have a vision! In conclusion, nothing will fit you 100% because, as a person you will always be evolving into something better or worse! You have control over the information you possess.

Please continue asking if you are not 100% satisfied! Thanks!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

exactly and the question is what career/jobs that I am qualified for on the basis of not wanting to go back to get a lengthy degree would be applicable. What areas would work best, XXXXX XXXXX but best, XXXXX XXXXX type. And what is my type now?

The best career or job based on both criteria would be anything in the social work or psychology area's. The work is ever changing and the business is made for thinking and making things better for you and with whom you work for.

Other suggestions would be:
Anything artistic
Career Builder

My personal opinion would be something in the outdoors dealing with preservation or conservation

You have characteristics of both types but since you have a creative mind set the ISFP type suits you! You want more!
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