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I have a Atwater Kent Radio 60 and was wandering what it might

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I have a Atwater Kent Radio 60 and was wandering what it might be valued at. On the plate inside under the model # XXXXX XXXXX numbers(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Condition and completeness is everything with these old Atwater Kent Radios but if you have a pristine condition example of a 1929 cabinet unit the value is fairly high as they are collectible.


Looking at the markets as we speak they are not far off from the modern Radio and Television Price Guides (300.00 (USD) and currently stand in a range of 285.00-315.00 (USD) although I have seen three that claimed to be still in functioning order sell not long ago and were quite beautiful selling in the range of 360.00-430.00 (USD) so the market can be quite high.


I hope this gives you as sense of where yours would stand. If it needs a bit of clean up it would be worth doing as the price increases greatly...and if you were holding on to this (you haven't mentioned) just keep in mind that the replacement value would be 550.00 (USD) so it is a nice early radio with a lot of appeal!


All my best, Dori

PS If you have other items of interest please remember my name. Any post addressed to "Dori" in the question will be sent to my inbox so I can help my return patrons first!

I would be more than happy to work with you again!

Thank you and please do rate this question, as this is the only way that we are credited for our further cost to you, it allows them to pay for my expertise!

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