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I am writing from India. My daughter has just completed her

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I am writing from India. My daughter has just completed her higher secondary school and is preparing for her engineering entrances. Because of the Internet it is possible for an Indian to teach an American and vice versa.
So now we are exploring the possibility of her being tutored one-to-one in math, physics, and chemistry through an US website . Could you help us with the names, the contact numbers and the links of such websites which undertake such tutorials?
Hello and welcome. You could do this at in the homework category. You can also try as you asked for many.

I don't know the engineering program she want to get in but there is also many course available online (without tutoring), such as those of the MIT:

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The site is for high school students who have not appeared for their APs. Could you suggest interactive sites which cater to first and second year engineering students.

You can always make a request to, they have tutors from many fields.

Personally if she have enough self discipline she should be able to do it on her own with simple internet access and with books (that is how i did it).

From to you have quite all base covered. Back when i started i wish i got access to all this.

The only one i found (giving credibility to their "We are the ONLY tutoring site specialized in engineering" is I have never used their service so i can't comment on the value of their service.
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