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Hello, We are working to create a new brand for the snack

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We are working to create a new brand for the snack products (prevoackaged food) with focus on the health concious consumers. Our snack products will be low in fat, low in sugar and High in fibre and non GMO.

We are looking for a good name for the brand. Can you suggest some good names? You consider trade offs between descriptive, catchy, meaningful, uniqueness, easy to remember, etc.


Hello Kumar,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a General Specialist and would love to assist you. Can you give me an idea of what will be included in the snack?

Will it be a Grain free snack, fruit, will it be gluten free?

Will it include nuts?

All of these can factor into a name and how to make it intriguing and to catch people's attention.

It is a great idea to have something health conscious and hopefully we can come up with something that will exemplify your product.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Joan,
Thank you for your reply. Great questions.

We will have several categories of snacks. We will start with Roasted Mixtures (made from roasted lentils, nuts, etc without any frying), energy bars and healthy cookies. Some snack will have whole grains and gluten; however some snacks will be gluten and grain free.

We plan to create a string umbrella brand to position that we are passionate and committed towards a healthy life style - no GMO, very low fat (leading diatery of heart diseas), low sugar (leading diatery cause of diabetes) and will have high fiber.

Please feel free to contact me for any Followup questions as it is key to really understand our mission.



Are you going to use Peanuts> That is one of the leading allergic foods and will need to be noted in marketing as well as the Gluten, since that is another issue that has been big in the health news. After I get your answers I am going to start working on what could work for a brand name and you will be able to expand on that. I have one idea in mind right now, but want to get the extra information.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes, we will have nuts including peanuts. They will be clearly marked on the ingredients statements.


I did come up with one idea for a name and will continue to work on some others. Since the main ingredients are going to be Lentils with nuts mixed in, I thought about basing the loose snack playing off the fact you used lentils and call it

" I am not Completely Nuts"

A Healthy snack of roasted lentils and nuts, low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Perfect for the quick energy snack with out the worry of calories and fats.

This would be for the loose mixture. We would have to modify the gluten free and the peanut free description to let people know the snack meets their dietary needs. This is only one idea, but I think catchy and may get some attention. I will await your input on this and see what you think and then can go on with ideas for the other products. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Joan. I see your point. Roasted lentils / nuts are just one of the many snack categories we will have. Other major categories are energy bars, cookies, etc. so I think, a name with broader scope would be better.

Hi Kumar,

If the energy bars and cookies are also going the have the same base ingredients,we can still keep the basic name which is the Brand name and add to it.

For the energy bars " Not Completely Nuts Energy Bars" The change would come in the Description for the marketing.


The " Not Completely Nuts" is the branding and the various products and each will fall into the categories: Energy Bars, Cookies, maybe even a Breakfast Cereal.


I asked a few friends and wanted to see what their reaction was to the name. They said they would definitely pick up the package and check it out. It would catch their attention. These are people who eat granola for snacks, energy bars after a work out (a few work out at my Son's Gym) and my Hubby who is a diabetic. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Joan,


I see your point about "Not Completely Nuts" brand name now. You have an amazing creativity and imagination skills. Appreciate it.


Let me check with some of my health concious friends and customers tomorrow.


My wife still feels a name without "nuts" will be better. Our snack offering will be similar to the offering shown at but they will be made in US for the US consumers. Also, domain is already taken so we will need to fine some other domain.


Could you suggest another similar name (like, SmartEats) which focuses more on the health /smart eating aspect. That way, I can share 2-3 name s to my friends and customers and get their feedback.


Thanks again,



We can try The name

"Heathy Eats Snacks".

"Simply Heathy Snacks"

"Naturally Heathy Snacks"

"Nuts about Heath" Snacks

Both of those work. Or you can add The "I Am" To the Not Completely Nuts and use it as the brand. Joan

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks much. I like Not Completely Nuts the best so far. Will check with some friends ad get back for a new question, if needed. Accepting this one. thanks much Joan.