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Michael, Librarian
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Does anyone know what the robbery rates

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We are looking to lease a commercial ground floor property in a large CDN city for a tech firm - edges of the downtown core. There have been robberies on the street for retail - stealing computers/espresso machines. I am assuming robberies increase on the main floor, especially since the location has large floor to 12 ft windows. What can be done to ensure reduced or no robberies? What is the increase in risk?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sure I can wait
Hello. There is two kind of robberies. Robber that take a chance hoping something valuable will be in and those that know what they are after. The second kind of robber will not be deterred by the floor number.

The risk of being on the first floor depend a lot of the architecture of the building and what they are after. If they want to do spying (stealing informations), they will prefer high place where they will be less detectable, if they want the coffee machine, the escape route is sure simpler if they are down and they don't care to be seen as they are out fast (if they already see it from the street or know where it is).

Short of being in a Nazi bunker or a Martello tower, there is no 100% sure robber protection. Some even hide in the building during business hour and get out when closed, many shopping mall get robber from the roof and other just ram in with stolen municipal garbage trucks.

You can use motion detectors, cameras, 3M windows security film, metallic garage door store front protection etc... The best is if ALL surrounding owner are all working together. As a shattered windows is as bad as having something stolen, anything that can deter a robber by letting him know the place is secured is the most efficient protection.

Also, having a very cumbersome escape route may help. You mention being at the edge of the town, this mean a car is needed to steal a good amount or something heavy. If you can have something that prevent get out fast, they may just don't go in (robber like you like to assess risks :)).
Martin, Engineer
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Hello, thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael, a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Statistics report that commercial businesses are four times as much to be burglarized as homes, and small businesses are
targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed.

Some preventive measures that can be taken:

1. Often store burglaries occur at night when it's dark so
lighting serves as one of the most important deterrents. Adequate lighting in all exterior sides of your business and alleys as well as the parking lot.

2. Post signage that you have a high quality alarm system and check often that it is running correctly.

3. Be sure all doors, windows, etc have proper locks and that the door handles work properly. Since you mention that you have larger windows, a suggestion may be to install bars or grating on rear and side windows. Secure all openings such as A/C, roof openings, as well as sidewalk and walkways are clear of brush, weeds and other debris. Also lock up ladders and tools that could make a break in easier.

4. Contact your local police department for suggestions such as a security system that they may have internally. The city I live in has businesses use a security system that they can contact if broken into and have police arrive in seconds. Also check with the local Chamber of Commerce for suggestions that other members in the community use.

Michael, Librarian
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 3176
Experience: 20+ years as information professional
Michael and 20 other General Specialists are ready to help you