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Do movie ticket stubs have any value? I have approx. 50 stubs

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Do movie ticket stubs have any value? I have approx. 50 stubs from 1999-2002. What makes one worth more than another? thanks


I'm Miranda, and I'll be happy to help you with your question.


On the whole, movie ticket stubs aren't something that have any real value. However, if you find another movie ticket collector who is looking for a stub you have, they might very well be willing to pay for it. I saw that you stated you have seen listings on Ebay, and Ebay is probably your best chance to sell them. I would suggest trying a group listing of some (for example, if you had the ticket stubs for all three Lord of the Rings movies) and put them on Ebay. Ebay has been doing a lot of free insertion fees lately, so you wouldn't be out any money unless you sold a ticket stub (then you have to pay final value fees, Paypal fees, etc.).


It really depends on several factors as to what makes one movie ticket more "valuable" than another. For example, a ticket stub for a movie that was extremely popular or has become a cult classic would stand a better chance of selling than one for a movie that wasn't very popular or liked. There are also fans of certain movies who are willing to buy anything related to a particular movie. Also, if you had a ticket stub from a movie premier (red carpet), you would probably stand a good chance of selling it.


I hope that answered your question. If you have further questions, please ask. If this information wasn't helpful, please let me know, and I will "OPT OUT" so another expert can try to help. It's been my pleasure helping you. Please remember to rate my answer positively, as rating me is the only way I receive payment/credit for my work.

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