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Hello. What is the best way to clean jewelry that is silver

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Hello. What is the best way to clean jewelry that is silver with stones, such as turquoise, blue lapis, denim lapis, black onyx, malachite? Some pieces are sterling and some are .925.

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You will have to clean the silver part of the jewelry and the stones, separately. You can clean the silver part of the jewelry with a dry silver polishing cloth; if the polishing cloth you use is not a 'natural' one and is infused with cleaning agents, don't let it come in contact with the stones because it will damage their luster. If you use a natural silver cleaning cloth that doesn't contain any cleaning agents, you can also use it to clean the stone, as long as the stone is not very dirty.

If the silver is very tarnished, you can use diluted gentle dishwashing liquid applied with a Q-tip. Remove any dish soap residue by wiping the silver with a soft, damp cloth dampened with warmish tap water.

For the stones, like turquoise, use a very soft jewelry-cleaning brush and warmish tap water to clean, if it's very dirty. Don't scrub too hard. *Don't ever soak the stones in water or jewelry cleaner.* To dry the jewelry, use a soft, absorbent cloth like a chamois, then air-dry out of direct sunlight for several hours before storing. Store the clean, completely dry jewelry in an air-tight, resealable bag (like a ziploc); this will reduce the risk of tarnish, which is caused by humidity in the air. Keep the bag in a jewelry box.

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