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I need to find a project manager or firm that can help me develop

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I need to find a project manager or firm that can help me develop my technical design from concept to prototype to market. Id like to work with a company in Toronto because that is where my research is going on. I need advice on how to proceed with my work and assistence in identifying the best firms for my projects needs like finding the better legal firm to work with, shortlisting the best design and development technical companies to work with, designing a progress path for my project development untill market.

matt50025002 :

Hi, i am going to do a little research on your question, i will get back with you with an answer later today, thanks.

matt50025002 :

To better assist you with your question, can you give me a little background on your technical design?

matt50025002 :

Can i please have some background on your design, it will help me out a lot on answering your question properly?


Yes, I am designing a electric generator on a small scale, the innovation is in the use of advanced materials researched by a couple of university professors who Ive been working with for the past year. We are looking heavily into material science and the geometries of electrical generation.


I hope that helps initially.

Hello. Designing an electric motor is a !!BIG!! project. I don't know of your level of expertize in the field. If i was to do it i would team with an electric motor refurbisher (many electrical shop offer that service) and ask them to do the winding while you outsource the metal casting or plastic thermoforming to another company (so that nobody ever have a working prototype in their hand. You can get prototype parts made by companies like

If you want an integrated solution, it is not easy to find for motor builder. I know about Atlantic Promotion that often do that for kitchen Appliance (they have lot of material science know how, aluminum steel, glass titanium, plastics...), working closely with inventors and then promoting the product:
If i remember they have an office in Toronto:

The only other "motor" company near Toronto that i know with always their hands in motor prototype is TM4 from Quebec:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The requirement is actually for a product development company that can take my design developed on Solidworks and the analysis and assumptions I have and initially do some simulations virtual that can help with the prototyping. So I'm not asking for a final solution just a professional team of designers and engineers to help me go to the next level.
Just the mechanical part or the whole things including magnetics?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Actually the main thing is electromechanical, the research into material is already done, I just need a team to help put it together and develop for me a design with analysis of the function. Most of the simulation work I need initially can be done virtually.
It is not obvious to find someone in the field of motor that will not be at risk of conflict of interest. The best is probably to contact research center like the or the

You may also work with University mechanical and electrical engineering department, like at

You may also form a team trough the Ontario SolidWorks & Simulation User Group:
Martin, Engineer
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 4922
Experience: i'm 41 and i never stopped studying and experimenting
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