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HVAC DUCT Repair Question. I have flex duct and the outer plastic

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HVAC DUCT Repair Question. I have flex duct and the outer plastic deteriorated and the insulation fell off. I wrapped the insulation back in place by using duct tape UL 181b-fx rated. Where the duct connected to the supply box I anchored the duct tape directly to the metal surface. Is this a fire hazard since the box can get very hot? I did not think about that when I was in the attic this summer making the repair since the AC was running rather than heater :-(

matt50025002 :

hello, i would like to answer your question

matt50025002 :

are you still online

matt50025002 :

Hey GeorgeDuct tape will catch on fire only with direct flames. In indirect flames, it can handle temperatures of up to 200 degrees.

matt50025002 :

Is there a serial number or model number for the supply box? I would like to know how much heat that could that box could genearate. Duct tape on the insulation will be fine, it will not be a fire hazard. Thanks

Customer: where would I find the serial or model numbers? I just thought the guys made them on site but I guess not.
Customer: Rheem Model RCTH-A0486 Serial G2494
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Supply Box- Rheem Model RCTH-A0486 Serial G2494

Sorry about not getting back to you promptly. I had some trouble finding information about the supply box, but i finally got the information i needed. That box will not heat up to to temps greater, that 200 degrees, so it will not be a fire hazard. I believe you will be safe from any fire hazards, thanks.

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