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If you have a Target Red card, can you pay with any payment

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If you have a Target Red card, can you pay with any payment method at the register or does it have to be with the bank account tied to the Red Card?
Hello, thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael, a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

The Target red card like other types of credit cards offered by stores is tied to the bank that is issuing the credit. You can though from research on this topic use the card and then pay the balance with a check, debit card and/or cash. Cannot use a giftcard or other credit card to make payments on your red card.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What about the version of the card that is tied to your checking account. Can you show the red card for the discount and then use a different form of payment at the register like a credit card?

I see what you mean as if you do not have enough in your checking account perhaps at the moment you are at the register to pay. From past experience using this type of payment but wanting the discount, it may depend on the cashier to decide if they can give you the 5% discount and then let you pay with another form of credit. Target wants you to use their card for the discount but it may come down to a kind cashier to allow you the discount and then offer to take payment from another source. The card is tied to your checking account though so using another form of payment may not be possible.

Target does spell out on their site that you must use the card in order to receive the 5% discount. I would though try with a cashier about using another form of payment to get the discount.
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