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Barclay figure, "Nurse"

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Hello. I have a vintage hollowcast lead Barclay figure, "Nurse, Hand On Hip" painted light green. the original Barclay number was 744. This figure was usually painted white, with a few done in blue. I believe that this figure is authentic, but cannot find any examples painted green. Could you please help me determine if Barclay ever produced this figure in green? Thank you, Rick.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a General Specialist and I also collect of figurines. I did some further research about the Barclay Figurines and found that that figurine was done only in white and blue as you said, but none found in green. I suspect after looking at the pictures, that someone tried to restore this piece and use a ceramic paint. They used the green paint instead of the blue or white to give it color. This is not an uncommon practice of people that may get a piece and do not know the value, and want to fix it to make it look better. I wish I had some better news, but I did spend time reviewing all my books and materials and could not find the figure done in green. Joan

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