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Any shoe salesman experts or experts that used to be shoe salesmen

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Any shoe salesman experts or experts that used to be shoe salesmen online?

When a woman says that her shoe size is sometimes 6 and sometimes 6 1/2 and sometimes 7, and when asked which of the 3 sizes is most of the time her shoe size, she responds that each shoe size has a 1/3 chance of being the right fit, then which shoe size should I go by? She also said that her shoe width is narrow, but am I correct that in the world of a shoe department, shoe store, or shoe salesman that the universal and standard shoe width is medium? This is supposed to be a surprise and the person who I plan to buy the shoes for is out of town, so she can't really try them on and know about it. Additionally, the shoes I want to buy her are not available in the narrow width. That's why I am wondering if the medium width might do for the reason I mentioned.

Thank you.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a General Specialist. I would like to try and assist you. I have not sold shoes, but I love to buy shoes and I understand about the sizing dilemma, since I can wear a 3 in girls, a 4 in women's shoes or a 5 in women's shoes depending on the style and material of the shoe.

In a case like this with so many variables, I suggest taking a Picture of the pair of Shoes you want her to have and print it along with a Gift Certificate for the shoes and it in gift wrap in a box. This way she knows you have picked out the pair of shoes for her as a gift and she can use the gift certificate. She will then be able to get the correct size shoes that she will be comfortable with.

Shoes can vary is size because of the design and materials. I think this would be the best way for her to have the shoes as a gift without having to return because the size was wrong. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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