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how do I treat leaf curl on nectarines

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how do I treat leaf curl on nectarines
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Always treat a diseased nectarine tree at the first signs of infection. Spray the tree with a fixed cooper-based fungicidal spray designed for peach and nectarine trees, such as a cupric hydroxide or basic copper sulfate product. Choose a product with a high metallic copper equivalent (MCE) percentage such as 8 or 12 percent. Add 1 percent horticultural spray oil to the fixed cooper-based fungicide to improve the long-term effectiveness of the product, as well as to control the nectarine’s pest population. Apply the treatment on a warm, sunny day when no rain is expected for at least 24 hours. This will prevent rain from washing the fungicide off the tree. Spray the tree generously and thoroughly with the fungicide to ensure that every leaf and stem is saturated. Wait at least two weeks before you apply again.
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