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AnswerGuy81, Internet Researcher
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I have tried to get an affiliate program up and running, for

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I have tried to get an affiliate program up and running, for a income on the internet. I have ordered and tried to get this up and running without successful for over a year. I need very simple instructions with step by step instructions, and someone I can contact if I have questions. [email protected] XXX-XXX-XXXX
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX i would like to assist you with the issue your having.

I dont want to be the bearer of bad news, but the programs and seminars you are being sold, well.. I wont use my words but will let the reviews of others convey the issue at hand.

Let me say this, I personally do participate in a few affiliate programs..

Real online affiliate programs, dont cost money to start.. You simply apply with the company. ( for instance, amazon )

And you start posting their products on your blog or website, and then receive a commision for each product sold. Sounds easy enough right?

It is easy. But the money to be made, well.. Its going to be paltry at best.. heres why.

Unless you have a website that is bringing in 10,000 visitors a day. Simply making a website and posting afficliate links, isnt going to make you any money. You have to have website traffic..

My strongest advice to you, is instead of paying any more internet entrepeneurs to tell you how to get affiliate marketing going.. Here are the exact steps you need to do in order to become an amazon affiliate, and then hopefully , make money.

  1. 1. Decide on what type of product you want to advertise, promote and sell. Whether it be books, electronics, etc
  2. Create a website, or a wordpress blog site
  3. Now, start to fill that website with interesting articles and solid , reliable, or entertaining information about the products.. * such as book reviews *. Update this page daily with new posts, new articles, new products..
  4. These actiions will start to raise your web pages value to the internet at large. ( google will start to see that your webpage has legitimate content, it will slowly start ranking your page higher in the search lists)
  5. Make a business facebook page, twitter page, other social media pages, link those pages to your website page. Refer to your webpage on facebook, post interesting and unique content on facebook about your page, that goes along with your page. The key here is this, if you want to sell anything as an affiliate, you first need to get people to want to come to your website. So you need to make your website something, that you yourself would want to go to to find out information, or be entertained, or something.


This is a slow process, it will not happen fast.. It will not happen over night.. You will have to invest a lot of time and energy into creating your page, buidling a daily traffic flow.. And once you do invest the time and effort and energy into making your website something that in itself, has value to the web at large. ( simply posting product links to shop doesnt provide value, since there are millions of websites selling things, and billions of spam emails sent out each day ) Once you build your website to the point where people are actually coming to it to read about products, some of those people will start buying products, and then, you will start making money off your affiliate links.


A few notes.. Do not buy into people who gurantee you that they can get traffic to go to your website..


Do not pay for any traffic services, or pay some extreme amount to host yoru website.


Actual companies who host websites like go daddy, for less then 100$ a year they will host your website and thats with all the bells and whistles.. For around 30$, you can host a website that you pretty much have to build yourself.


if your not up to par with writing articles, you can pay writers to write articles for you.. Websites like, you can set small prices such as 5 $ an article for 500 word articles, and you can get experienced writers to provide the solid content.


The main keys are, people are tryin to make money offline.. You do not want to be the person they are making money off of.. So stay away from paying anyone to advertise your website for you.. Do it yourself.


Generate your own traffic flow through hard work and patience.


and then, find a reliable and trusted affiliate partner, such as amazon


You will notice, it is absolutely free to sign up to be an amazon affiliate.. And they do pay up to 10% of all sales you achieve through your webpage.


But you will have to go over all the investment of time and hard work to get your website to stand out so people would choose to buy through your website, rather then the other 100 million websites out there, that are also trying to make money off affiliate marketing.


Anyone who tells you there is an easier way to do this.. They are lying. Simple as that.


And i gurantee, that along with those lies about how easy its going to be, that they are trying to sell you something..


Myself? Im a computer repair technician, I have designed a few websites and have run small affiliate programs over the years.. Im not out to sell you anything.


The key to success in affiliate marketing? Get started.. Build your website.


Put content on it that would make people want to come to that website.


What should you pay for? Only a minimal fee to host the website through a reliable provider such as Godaddy.


Possibly, pay independent freelance workers on a website like or to write articles for you, or to create content for you, or even possibly, to design banners and visually alter your website ( if your not familiar with how to do so )


I recommend odesk and because you set the price of what you want done, just like any employer would..


Are there more tricks? Sure.. Those tricks are called SEO ( search engine optimaztion ) and its all about getting your website, to show higher and higher on google.. That way, you dont have to pay for advertising. If your site is the best site for reviews on 17th century poetry, then google is going to put it at the top of the list, and by doing so, more people will see it then if you paid to advertise it.


If you offered me a thousand dollars more, all the information above would stay exactly the same..


The only trick to making money online really, is looking past all the people telling you it will be easy.. and then doing the work yourself.


Im sure that with the amount invested, and with the hopes you had that this may be a bit diffucult to hear. I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX from here on out, you refrain from paying those two people anymore money, or anyone else like them.


If you have any further questions for me, send a reply as needed.


Good luck to you on your affiliate endeavours,


Dustin S.


Your positive rating below, is kindly appreciated.



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