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In a 20,000 square feet foot print, what is the optimum utilisation

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In a 20,000 square feet foot print, what is the optimum utilisation of this area for an oil product tank farm terminal?

How much material can I carry in this area with all the accessories associated?

I am looking at a highly secure design, the geological topogrophy of the location is arabian gulf desert near sea port.

I just need a rough estimate so I understand the types of costs associated and how a private owner would charge for the use.

Florian_Berkley :

Hello, welcome.

Are you thinking of it seriously?


If yes, I would recommend you to look for a consultant or a consulting company, specialized in the area related to oil product tank farms / business.


A rough estimation may actually turn out to be a fake friend:

-The estimation can be or much too high or much too low, therefore leading to a wrong strategical decision.


--> Therefore, in order to maximise your chances of succes, you can hire a consultant / company specialized in the field.


Maybe a good tip would be to make friends / connections that are working or related to this area, if it is not already the case, in order to get informed before to take action.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply,

Rest assured I have enough friends and am working on the subject,
I thought the service of this website is to cut through the unesessery and get right through to the answer Im looking for.
An oil tank is not a complicated peice of technology and I wanted to know how this industry uses this. I'm looking at it from a rent basis, hence the technicalities of finance was my main goal.

Dear Sir,

I found 3 cases of tank oil farms, with same area (20,000 sqm)


I couldn't find in the desert, but these are in Africa (Nigeria).



"Farm tank is for sale in Calabar. Area covered is 20,000 sq m, 6 tanks in all with capacity of 5,000,000 liters each total 30,000,000 liters. Asking price 4 Billion naira"



"Land size approx = 20,000 square meters
6 tanks of various capacities,
pump house, loading arm, gantry, gen.
6 loading arms.

All tanks Equal 30,910,000 litres.



"The tank farm has 6nos tanks of 5000MT each with a storage of 28,000,000 liters capacity and has administrative block, loading gantry, pump house, fire hydrant etc

(...) The land size is 20,000sq meters."



--> for these 3 examples, the total capacity range between 28,000,000 to 30,910,000 litres.
--> They have all 6 tanks with same or various capacities.

So you have now a rough approximation of your maximal capacity: 30,000,000 litres.

If you want to estimate for a specific design, then just pick a design and consider you can have 6 tanks. Then you can calculate the maximal capacity: (6 time capacity-of-one-tank).

If you have more questions, you can just ask me directly and I'll be glad to answer.
Just add "For Florian" at the beginning of your question



Florian_Berkley and 17 other General Specialists are ready to help you

Hello Sir,


Do you need any more help?


If yes

I'd be glad to do whatever I could to help.


If not

--> Please rate this answer as positive, this is very important, otherwise the expert doesn't get paid for his the work and may therefore lose his motivation to answer questions in future.


Thank you

Best regards


Florian_Berkley and 17 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Sir,

The last week I helped you with finding for an oil tank farm capacity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Best regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What is usually the buisness model of a tank farm from a private investors point if view?
Do they charge rent of use based on time, do they charge based on a percentage of material cost or both?

Dear customer,


In order to receive an answer to your new question, please post a new question.


1) You can for example click on my name (next to my picture), then fill the "Ask a question field"



Best regards