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In Buddhism, do you attract bad karma if you did something

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In Buddhism, do you attract bad karma if you did something wrong but didn't know any better at the time, such as a kid or a mentally handicapped / ill person?

pdheslin :

Thank for asking this question. Yes you do attract negative karma, because in theory, no one really "knows better" to different varying degrees. If everyone truly understood the nature of karma as "cause and effect", no one would ever make a wrong move. The important thing is for us to examine our own conscience, and right and any wrongs we may have created, either knowingly or unknowingly. Every person, whether sighted or blind, hearing or deaf, mentally typical or differently-abled, has a role to play in their own, and other's karma. Sometimes that karma is played out through one life time, or many. The picture is so big, and time is so long and unending, we as individuals are not able to see it perfectly.

pdheslin :

I hope this answers your question - if not, please continue to ask more, until you feel comfortable that your question has been answered adequately.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Are you creating bad karma when you are five and have no concept of what karma is, though?


Are you creating bad karma if you have a severe mental illness and shoot someone to death because you think they are the devil?


I get that once you understand that there is a karma, you are held to account, so to speak, but what about cases where individuals are children who are innocent or ill people who are delusional?

Karma is not judgment - it is simply cause and effect. There is no "held to account" by any intelligent entity other than your own soul. The soul chooses the life's lessons before incarnation, that will provide experiences and opportunities to balance karma from many life times, or the current lifetime. Sometimes those experiences or actions are not for the individual's purpose alone, it's for the purpose of assiting others with karma.

So the 3 year old that pockets the bubblegum from the store shelf without paying for it, is creating a karma balancing opportunity for anyone who witnesses the act.

Karma is not punative, or penalizing and is without judgment.
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