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Looking for real estate expert. Id like to begin a quest

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Looking for real estate expert. I'd like to begin a quest for the perfect climate and community in the US for me - and my ideal home. Is there any site or service that allows you put that info in and help find you potential homes / locations? Thanks! JD
My name is XXXXX XXXXX resident specialist here on JustAnswer.

My first concern is "perfect" simply because it is subjective. I tend to like a good rain here and there, where a lot of people I know do not.

As far as services that provide that I do not believe there is. However doing research for you perhaps I can make some recommendations to start.

How about taking a minute to let me know what you are looking for in a geographical location, climate as well as other community attributes. I am happy to assist you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This response is for Michael specifically.

Michael, you are awesome to offer to do that but that goes well beyond the call of duty here. Thanks so much for offering tho. Reply and I'll close this one out. JD

Hey its my pleasure, really. Its what I do :).

The generally agreed upon " perfect" i would start you off would have been San Diego but considering the large amounts of radiation coming from the nuclear sites in Japan from the earthquake, that quickly eliminates that otherwise lovely city and in my humble opinion the coast, at least for now.

The other thing to consider is possibly somewhere in the midwest. Dry, warm but the periodic tornado threat. If i can be of help, i want to be so let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, I appreciate it. Here's what I'll do. I'm going to close this question so you get credit for it. But below are the things I will be looking for in my ideal home and community. If you find time and are so inclined I'd love your thoughts. That work for you? Can you contact me once I close the inquiry?

My home - will be small. One bedroom. Big kitchen though - with an island we can sit at. No dining room. Fireplace, front porch preferred. Wooded lot. And my dream would be near a brook or stream. The area: I too love a good rain now and then but did my time in snow and not looking to go back to it. Maybe winters in 40's summer high's in 80's. I like small town but not run down. If you've seen Under the Dome - like that. Or where Julia Roberts lived in Sleeping with the Enemy. I keep thinking it must be the western side of North or Sout Carolina - probably southeast. But like maybe the mountains between Vegas and Phoenix - or somewhere in California with weather like San Diego but more suburb or rural.


Ok. Let me know it it's ok to close the inquiry. Thank again - you're awesome! - JD

You can rate as you wish. If you want we can continue on this question after rating or you can open a new question specifically for "specialistmichael only" in the very first line.

Ok so i think we should narrow down a few areas based on this then i think actually dealing with an agent who knows the area is your most precise choice based on actual availible properties.
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