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Where do I buy grapes vine plants in bulk if I want to start

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Where do I buy grapes vine plants in bulk if I want to start a little vineyard?
Hello and welcome. I have an orchard, i know a bit about fruits (grape are still on my todo list that said (my little south hill is ready that said :)).

Transportation is a big part of the fee. If you mention me where you live (not the street address, just an approximation) i will be able to research this for you. Note that 50 is not really what is called bulk but you can always try your luck (the smaller the vine producer the more likely he will sell to you).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am in Ontario, Canada, close to Kingston/Ottawa/Toronto... in the middle.


Yes ... 50 is not big considering hundreds being planted by commercial intended winery. However, got to stick to this number... very special number with lots of meaning ahah!


Got to also be able to keep up taking care of it with all the rest. Keep the balance!

I forgot to ask you, what was your "good deal" range?, when does it become expensive?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It goes with the quality for me to justify the cost. If they want to sell me something that everyone grows in their backyard and taste sour when it do gives grapes then I don't want to spend the cost or energy on it. I have been told it goes with the soil you plant it in however, I like having the choice.


I hope to compare prices/type/quality with my own research (still on) and decide then what will I go with.


Don't get me wrong about cheap vs bulk ... I want to enjoy that wine in 10 years from now :)

About the taste, there is wine grapes and "table" grape (to eat fresh) and those are different type.

If you want a good selection of sweet grape, the only one i can recommend from first hand experience is (in Quebec, not too far). They have a vast variety.

To make wine you can see those guys: they also offer management services if you are interested. If you can get them to give you the 500 units price it would be a very good deal.

The soil is indeed important. Because you are north, having a well drained south side hill is a good idea like you mentioned and you can even use rock cover to allow heat retention later in the season. You will also need wind protection to allow for a micro climate but not too much protection as full sun and a minimal drying wind is needed to prevent mildew on the leaves (grapevine are very subject t it).

If you want to shop for them, your keyword is "nursery". A nursery sell cheaper than a simple reseller. If you can find one close enough to go picking them up in person it is usually the best a they then often do a smaller price because it is less manipulation.
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